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Numerology Psychic Reading

Hi there my name is Brad, and I am an numerology psychic reader. I can help you to give your lucky number, day in a week in which day you can take payment or give payment, for dating, for marriage and many.

I can give you a Complete and Accurate Reading about your Destiny, Life path and Soul mate. Just send me your name and date of birth.

I am considered by many, a very good professional reader. I am detailed, and accurate. You may be surprised.

With these abilities, I will "tune-in" and help each of you connect to the love that I believe is our purpose for existing. Through awareness, your life can become happy, peaceful and powerful. You can begin that journey with a transformative reading with m

I’m a natural-born spiritualist and psychic. Experienced Psychic Professional diploma in Love Counseling & Relationship Counseling.

I come from a long line of numerology and psychic readers, and was taught at my grandmothers house. I have taught classes in schools and in my home on psychic development, speaking to angles, finding your spirit guide. I have had my own online business for many years. I am confident that we can find a solution to your pressing issues. I am also a Reiki Master, and would love sending you this healing energy!

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